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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Welcome to the Peoples' Republic of China in your front room

CRTC, Chinese Propaganda, Cable

A brilliant piece by Judie McLeod on the hottest topic on this blog these days. Look here for more.

CFP Excerpt: “2007 was to be the year of welcome propaganda in Canada and most Canadians were to know nothing about it until it was a bureaucratic fait de accompli.

CRTC, our supposed guardian of the airwaves, has always had a hang up about keeping Canadian content sacrosanct against all costs.

Now CCTV, which will mix sports and entertainment programming along with propaganda, will be broadcasting in several Chinese dialects to capitalize on Canada's rapidly growing Chinese-speaking market.

With CCTV, Canadian television will never see exposes lamenting China's appalling record on human rights, programs that detail the harvesting of human organs for sale or get to watch Chinese citizens being led away in handcuffs for the crime of writing essays on the worldwide net.

The nine networks' journalists and producers are monitored in China by the China Radio Film and Television Group, which is self-touted as "an important mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee, an important cultural battlefield for the CCP and our country."

History will be rewritten and upcoming generations will be told a different story about the tragedy of Tiananmen Square. (more)

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