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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Falun Gong Show and CRTC

An excellent piece by Kady O’Malley..well OK it's not as good as this one...but it just tells us where Rogers is at. If you oppose the approval of 9 Communist channels to broadcast hate incitement shows in Canada, ask your MP to reverse CRTC’s decision. The deadline is Feburary 5th.

OTTAWA - It's a battle the federal cabinet probably wants no part of. But following the CRTC's decision to allow nine Chinese-language television channels to be broadcast in Canada, Stephen Harper and his ministers could find themselves in the middle of hostilities between China and some of its harshest critics.

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With Kenney's new post, he gets a seat on the Cabinet Committee on Social Affairs - the natural jumping-off point for any proposal to consider overturning the CRTC ruling. Given his history, Kenney can count on intense lobbying from Falun Gong supporters. (more)

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