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Thursday, May 12, 2011

NTD Independent TV Broadcasts to China May Cease

Taiwanese telecommunications company refuses to renew satellite contract

A resident of eastern China commented that Chunghwa’s action suppresses freedom of speech and is undemocratic. “We still wish to receive outside news, and hope that they will reconsider,” he told NTD Television .

The responsibility of the media is to supervise the government and society, another Chinese viewer commented. Mainland Chinese media, however, is incompetent in this area, especially since traditional Chinese values and culture are diminishing in China, he added. “I support NTDTV, because NTDTV can make up for those failures.”

Yao Wun-jhih, Former Director of Government Information Office for the Democratic Progressive Party said that the Ma government should give NTD AP more support if it is sincere about safeguarding Taiwan’s democracy.

“Through NTD Television’s endeavor, the whole world has learned many truths about China,” he said. “This actually helps China and Taiwan understand each other, and helps the people of Taiwan understand the nature of the Chinese Communist Party.” More at Epoch

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