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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Underground Falun Gong Print Shops Deliver Truth to China’s Masses

Despite the breadth, penetration, and longevity of the campaign (of violence against Falun Gong), many in the West have never heard of it.

Chen Pokong is a prominent writer and commentator in the overseas Chinese dissident community. “Through putting fliers in people’s mailboxes and directly giving them to people, Falun Gong practitioners are communicating with the ‘laobaixing’ directly,” he said, using the Chinese phrase for the common people. “It leaves the Communist Party at a total loss. They can’t block it.”

The Epoch Times was able to sketch a picture of the materials sites from interviews with former operators and users from different regions in China; experts who have studied Falun Gong’s resistance to persecution; and the wealth of material on the subject available from Falun Gong websites online. More at Epoch

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