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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Masked Refugee Worried About Chinese Media

Epoch Times: According to a report by the Jamestown Foundation, Ming Pao has since been “heavily influenced” by the Chinese regime, as have World Journal and Sing Tao Daily.

“Employees at Ming Pao's New York office have told sources that their ‘true boss’ is none other than the Chinese Consulate [in New York], and that they are obligated to do whatever the Consulate asks,” said the Jamestown report.

In April 2008, The Epoch Times wrote a story about Sing Tao, whose Toronto edition is majority owned by the Toronto Star, but whose editorial department maintains close ties with the Sing Tao headquarters in Hong Kong. The story showed that a Star article translated into Chinese by Sing Tao was given controversial edits that significantly changed the angle of the Chinese story from its original English version, and portrayed a significantly pro-Beijing slant on Chinese-Canadians attitudes toward the turmoil in Tibet in 2008. Wilson Chan, then managing editor at the Chinese-language Sing Tao, was let go that fall over the controversy, according to the sources that include two staff members at Sing Tao.. More...

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