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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winnipeg’s Chinese Falun Gong community speaks out against Bodies… The Exhibition

Group concerned about human rights violations and disregard for Chinese culture "These bodies have not been properly laid to rest,” said Judith Cheung, after handing out yellow disclaimers outside of Bodies… The Exhibition at the MTS Centre Exhibition Hall.

“They have been stripped of their skins and put on display.”

Judith Cheung, chair of the Falun Gong religious community at the University of Manitoba said:

“It is also extremely alarming that the bodies are all attained from China, a country with no proper mechanisms of ethical evaluation, no official body donation program and notorious for its persecution of innocent minority groups based upon their spiritual, religious or political beliefs.”
Just as troubling as the human rights concerns, she noted, is the desecration of traditional Chinese culture.


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