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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Qantas loses fight with Falun Gong flight attendant

Daily Telegraph: Sheridan Genrich, from Sydney’s Lane Cove, was demoted to a short-haul attendant after she was threatened by authorities during a 2008 stopover in Beijing and deported because of her spiritual beliefs (in Falun Gong).

In making his ruling, Fair Work Australia Commissioner Frank Raffaelli said he was unimpressed with the way Qantas had carried out its investigation into Ms Genrich's case.

"The implication of Qantas's action is that there is a restriction on the practice of her spiritual beliefs in private, which is contrary to both Australian and international law," Commissioner Raffaelli said in his judgement, which was obtained by The Epoch Times.

"Given that they were seeking to take disciplinary action against the Applicant (Ms Genrich), the most important thing would have been to have ascertained exactly the level of the Applicant's transgression in the eyes of that (Chinese) Government.

"This, they failed to do." More...

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