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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Actress Anne Letourneau: ‘Shen Yun is something that really elevates the soul’

Montreal—Although Anne Létourneau, the famous Quebec actress, director, and writer, has seen Shen Yun Performing Arts five years in a row, her enthusiasm for the unique Chinese cultural show has not diminished. “I am really a fan. I absolutely love this... Full Article at The Epoch Times

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"I think the message is that this long and wonderful and beautiful Chinese tradition needs to be preciously preserved. And that’s why we are all here, supporting the show, and Anne of course was trying to promote it with hope that with time the political view in China will be more accepting." Epoch Times
"It was so exquisite; the colour is exquisite and the sound is exquisite. Nobody does it better than Shen Yun—to mix and achieve this amazing bouquet of sounds." Epoch Times
"It’s radiantly beautiful. The plum blosom piece was the most beautiful piece I’ve ever seen. We’ve seen lots of things and this was magnificent, absolutely beautiful." Epoch Times
"It was like a 360-degree global spectacle, it was really truly an experience, much more than sitting down and enjoying beautiful dancing." Epoch Times
"I think it’s a show that can really bring you to another level in your life, especially when it’s now in the new year, to reflect a little more about how you can be maybe a better human being." Epoch Times
"I think that this kind of show is very important not only because of the beauty of what you see, and the execution, but also because of the messages that are behind it, which is truth, compassion, and tolerance." Epoch Times
"In my work I use a lot of influences of ethnic dances, Indian and Chinese as well, so I am always fascinated by the quality of the dancing and the beauty of the costumes in this show. It’s truly extraordinary." Epoch Times
"I'm really a fan. I absolutely love this show and I recommend it to everybody, for it’s one of the highlights of the new year." Epoch Times

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