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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Should Falun Gong remind Hu directly to stop the killing in China?

Wang Wenyi shouting for the CCP to stop the persecution of Falun Gong during Hu's 2006 visit at the White House

Should Falun Gong remind Hu directly again to stop the killing of practitioners in China...just in case Obama forgets to bring up the issue of forced organ harvesting of Falun Gong political prisoners, which by the way breaks all human rights conventions on the planet, or will that part be traded in for a 21 gun salute moment? Let's hope not.

AP - For the protocol-obsessed Chinese leadership, a highlight of the visit will be Wednesday's state banquet — an honor denied Hu on his last trip to the White House in 2006. President George W. Bush thought state banquets should be reserved for allies and like-minded powers and instead gave Hu a lunch. Even worse, a member of Falun Gong, the spiritual movement banned by China, disrupted Hu and Bush's joint appearance, and an announcer incorrectly called China "The Republic of China," the formal name of democratically ruled Taiwan. More...

"I cried out for those who have been tortured and suffered genocidal persecution," Wang wrote, adding that her protest was a matter of life and death, as far as she was concerned. "I acted in a way consistent with the American spirit. I also acted to protect the dignity of America and humankind." Wang Wenyi 2006


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