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Friday, January 07, 2011

“And how do you treat Falun Gong?” “You’ll find out by and by.”

Epoch Times: Eye on China Blog - "I felt a pang of horror," Teng Biao said after that exchange with a police officer. Teng Biao is a rights defender in China. He was abducted by police for visiting the mother of another rights activist, Fan Yafeng. The account, translated at WSJ, is bone chilling. It is also a fast read that everyone who cares about modern China ought to look at. One of the most disturbing things I find about it is the intimations it makes about how the police treat Falun Gong practitioners. Here's the full exchange:
After a while, a police officer came in and said that we had been detained because we had gone to Fan Yafeng's home. One officer, who I heard addressed as Xu Ping, went from merely loudly interrogating to roaring accusations at me: "O ho, that's how it is! In that case, you belong to the enemy! F- your mother, you went to see Fan Yafeng! That c-! In that case we don't have to talk about legal constraints at all! And you motherf- won't get out of here again! You traitors, you dogs! Counter-revolutionaries! The Communist Party feeds you and pays you and you still don't acknowledge how good it is! You keep insulting the Party!… We will treat you just like an enemy!"

I was very curious. "How do you treat your enemies?"

"Like Falun Gong!"
"And how do you treat Falun Gong?"
"You'll find out by and by."
I felt a pang of horror.
Those words make one's heart sink.

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