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Friday, January 14, 2011

Gao Zhisheng's New Article

Gao Zhisheng

Epoch Times: Before September 2007, there were only four people in China who refused to follow the Chinese Communist Party and persisted in being friends with me openly. As a result, one of them is continually followed by police; the other three were kidnapped in September and suffered brutal beatings and mental torture.

In 2008, Hu Jia, who continued to refuse to follow the orders of the CCP, was held in prison. Huang Yan was kidnapped and kept in prison with Falun Gong practitioners where she suffered cruel torture. In addition, Huang heard and witnessed that the torture Falun Gong adherents had suffered was even more terrifying. Under the intimidation of torture, no one dares to communicate with me openly in today’s China.

It is now extremely difficult for me to make my voice heard. Moreover, I am constantly in a situation of peril. For more than three years, the authorities have invested a large amount of manpower, money, as well as employed the most merciless methods, to achieve their goal of silencing me.

...Gao explains the Chinese Communist Party has “good friends” and “good partners” all over the world today.

“They all should be well aware of the reality of the anti-civilization nature of the Chinese Communist Party, the darkest regime of the current times. However, many of these ‘good friends’ and ‘good partners’ of the Chinese Communist Party, in pursuit of material benefits, have become a part of this black government. In the case of some other ‘good friends’ and ‘good partners’ of the Party, they have been blinded by the Party’s exquisite lies. They are totally ignorant of the Communist Party’s basic evil nature, and they even sing the Party’s praises even though what they see is a sham.” More...
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