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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spectacular Shen Yun in Detroit

Special to Metromix
By Robert del Valle - The word "spectacular" is used freely in the world of entertainment (especially by those promoting the entertainment), but occasionally the word falls far short of the desired mark. We suspect this occurs frequently when Shen Yun Performing Arts takes the stage and proceeds to dazzle an audience with what can only be described as an incredible voyage through music, dance, and the timeless oceans of legend and history.

Care to take that voyage yourself? Then buy a ticket soon and reserve a seat at the Detroit Opera House between January 21 and 23.

Based in New York City, Shen Yun is an ensemble devoted to preserving the traditional and story-based theatrical arts of China - arts that, to say the least, were often compromised by the shifting political moods in Chinese society after World War II. This is a repertoire that, as the company's own press releases so succinctly state, was "five thousand years in the making." The costumes worn, the instruments played, the vignettes and episodes that follow one after another are a collective vision of color and fire. Even Cirque du Soleil, itself an outstanding company of entertainers, has acknowledged and praised Shen Yun for its uncompromising commitment to excellence.

One thing more. Shen Yun has often faced criticism here and abroad because of its identification with the banned Falun Gong practices of mainland China. At the same time, it has been praised for providing refuge and work for individuals who follow those same practices. The issue is there and it will undoubtedly raise its head when the company arrives in Detroit.

We'll simply leave you and other readers with an extended invitation to make your own judgments on the matter. This celestial offering is simply too beautiful to pass up or miss. More...

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