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Friday, July 01, 2011

Falun Gong practitioner tells tales of torture, death

Past protests outside the Vancouver Chinese Consulate included a wooden hut.

At Tiananmen Square, alongside the group of fellow spiritual foot soldiers with their mild banner, Jin says she was detained on the spot and put on an eight-hour train ride north where she was confined for 14 months. She was interrogated about her beliefs, habits and Falun Gong's founder, Li. She withstood hours of lectures and corporal punishment aimed at "re-education." Outside in all weather conditions, she built bricks. She was hanged from a tree by her wrists in winter, her joints knotted together behind her back with one arm stretched and bent over her shoulder and the other arm bent and reaching up from her waist. She was put in a helmet and bashed in the head. The bruises healed and she didn't scar. Her blood was drawn, tested.

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