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Sunday, August 01, 2010

MP Anders: China, sex, spies and video

Tory alleges some politicians getting more than they bargained for in VIP business dealings

MP Claims Chinese espionage by Rick Bell, Calgary Sun: Richard Fadden, the CSIS spy supremo, also said the Chinese government is the most aggressive in recruiting people to play a part in this country’s political scene.

“I’ve heard members of Parliament tell me about the same stuff on trips to Shanghai.”Anders also adds he knows of videotaping by those “trying to get some nitty gritty” on these Canadian MPs, the nitty gritty being a politician carrying on with a young, half-clothed woman in some nightspot.
Anders mentions Chinese consulates, and one is in Calgary, saying he believes Chinese authorities use them as “footprints for their espionage activity” to “map out” people in the local Chinese community and others, trying to find out who is pro-democracy and against the Chinese government, including not only individuals from China and Hong Kong but also Tibetans, Taiwanese and members of the Falun Gong spiritual movement.

A billboard near the Chinese consulate condemning China's treatment of Falun Gong was moved after the consulate voiced disapproval, though the city denies ...

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