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Monday, April 03, 2006

Canadians urge Government to shut down China's organ harvesting death camps

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China Death Camps Harvesting Human Organs

by Brian McAdam

Busloads of human rights supporters from Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa gathered on Parliament Hill today to urge the Canadian Government to shut-down organ harvesting death camps in Communist China. Brian McAdam, Asian Triads expert, gave an outstanding speech to the rally.

Parliament Hill, Ottawa - 03 April 2006 - For decades Communist China has been harvesting the organs of executed prisoners, and selling them to domestic and international buyers. In the past month the world has learned more shocking details that the authorities “perform organ harvesting on living prisoners before cremating their bodies” at 36 concentration camps and most of the recent victims have been members of the Falun Gong spiritual group. (1)

These abominable practices have become very profitable. One hospital in China for example charges from U.S. $30,000 for a cornea transplant; $62,000 for a kidney transplant; and $130,000-160,000 for a heart transplant.

An anonymous military doctor revealed last week that: “Due to the development of many related businesses, human bodies have become profitable raw materials. Living human beings, as well as dead bodies, have become industrial raw materials. He explained: “Falun Gong practitioners, like many actual felons in China, are no longer regarded as human beings, but as raw materials for commercial products. They have become commodities.” (2)

The Epoch Times was the first to expose the story and has provided extensive coverage. (3) So far only two mainstream Canadian newspapers, the Toronto Sun and the National Post in Canada have written about it. In the U.S. Newsmax and Bill Gertz of the Washington Times have covered this story.

The Canada Free Press wrote:

Executed Chinese political prisoners are skinned for collagen treatments in the country determined to replace the United States of America as the world's next superpower.

The population of some countries is aging and new markets are opening up.

Skin from prisoners executed in China is being used to develop cosmetic collagen treatments aimed at the European market, according to The Guardian.

The newspaper says that agents from a China-based company claim the skin, which is taken from prisoners after they have been shot, is being used to develop the collagen for anti-ageing treatments such as wrinkles and lip-filling injections.

The bee-stung look coveted by Hollywood stars and starlets originates from executed prisoners in China. (4)

"This is murder, and murder sponsored by a state," said Mr. Jin, [a pseudonym] who in the past has been a contributor to a Japanese news agency. "It must be stopped." (5) Bill Gertz of the Washington Times writes, quoting the journalist who fled China and recently exposed these evil acts by the Communist government.

China's Denials

China launched its predicable denials last week.

On March 28 that Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Qin Gang denied the existence of concentration camps in China and invited reporters to visit the alleged location of said concentration camp. (6)

If one ‘Googles’ two words - “China denies” - over two million hits come up.

Here are just a few highlights of the denials and skeletons in the closet since the Communist seized power in China in 1949:

Famine Killed 20-43 million

During the Great Leap Forward from 1959-1961, 20 to 43 million people died of starvation in China “caused by the misguided projects of a single man, Mao Zed,” who refused to admit his mistake and “rectify the disastrous effects.”

International journalist and author Jasper Becker says that persons were so desperate that cannibalism became widespread: “the villagers ate the flesh of corpses.”

“In rare cases, parents ate their own children, elder brothers ate younger brothers, elder sisters ate their younger sisters". (7)

The full consequences of this famine, considered one of the worst disasters in world history, was kept secret for years.

Concentration Camps

Communist China’s immense concentration camp system was also kept secret for years.

Harry Wu, who spent 19 years in the Chinese loagai (slave labor camp), and exposed to the world China’s secret concentration camp system, says 50 million people have been sent to those camps since 1949. Eight to ten million are imprisoned in that gulag (in 3,000 slave labor camps) at this time - making slave labor goods being consumed by free-spending Americans and Canadians oblivious or indifferent to the plight of those poor souls. (8) “The main internment camps were disguised as large public enterprises…” Few ever emerged alive. Those who did faced being re-imprisonment. (9)


General Chi, one of the two military persons during the Politburo meetings that led to the deployment PLA troops into Tiananmen on June 4th, 1989 killing thousands, said in 1996 “that no one had died in Tiananmen Square itself - there had only been some minor ‘pushing and shoving’ around the periphery,” according to the authors of the book Red Dragon Rising. (10) “Some 700 students who had been executed for their part in the Tiananmen Square’s pro-democracy demonstrations had their vital organs - kidneys, hearts, lungs, and eyes - sold to wealthy Chinese in need of transplant surgery."’” (11)


Dr. Jiang Yanyong who heroically disclosed the Chinese regime's deadly lies about the SARS epidemic in 2003 was imprisoned. (12)

Bird Flu

More recently “China … denied a report by Britain's New Scientist that the avian flu, which has swept through 10 Asian countries and killed eight people, began in the world's most populous nation, probably in the first half of 2003.”

"It is purely a guess, a groundless guess," China Vice Agriculture Minister Qi Jingfa told reporters in Bangkok. "We have had very strict surveillance."

The New Scientist wrote that an "official cover-up and questionable farming practices" allowed Asia's outbreak of bird flu to turn into an epidemic. (13)

Organ Harvesting

In addition, Communist China has denied for decades that prisons were being used as organ-donor factories. (14)

China… classifies more than 68 offences as capital, including under some circumstances car theft, embezzlement, and discharging of a firearm. Each year, the number of executions in China exceeds by at least two fold the total number of executions in the rest of the world combined. (15)

After more than two decades of denial, China finally admitted “for the first time in December 2005 that the organs of executed prisoners were sold to foreigners for transplant.” (16)

Nazis Denied Death Camps

The very first Holocaust deniers were the Nazis themselves. Himmler instructed his camp commandants to destroy records, crematoria and other sign of mass destruction of human beings. (17)

He knew the world would condemn forever the Nazi regime for their atrocities.

Last week Rudolph Vrba died in Vancouver on March 27 at age 82. He came to public attention in 1944 when, in April that year, he and Alfred Wetzler became the first two Jews to escape from the German death camp at Auschwitz in Poland, and pass information to the Allies about the mass murder that was taking place there.

He and Mr. Wetzler, who died in Slovakia in 1988, brought the first eyewitness accounts of Auschwitz-Birkenau, writing a shocking and detailed report about what was taking place in the death camp.

But many did not believe them and the information in their report was suppressed by others. As a consequence 437,000 more Jews sent to Auschwitz between May 15 and July 7. “Vrba, for one, remains convinced that if the intended victims had been warned, they would have resisted or hid or fled.” (18)

Although their warning, which became known as the Auschwitz Protocols, was delayed in its release until after mass transports of Hungarian Jews had started, Dr. Vrba and Mr. Wetzler are widely credited with sounding an alarm that saved 100,000 lives. (19)

Soviet Death Camps

Similarly despite the death of 25 million people in the Soviet Union many still [minimize] the number of victims of Stalinism and Leninism or denied that there was any mass terror or Gulags (concentration camps) in the Soviet Union. (20)

Unsubstantiated Information

History, unfortunately, repeats itself. Just as the Holocaust information provided by Jewish groups was cast aside or downplayed because of the "unsubstantiated nature of the information" and its "prejudiced sources," information from Falun Gong practitioners has received the same fate. History has also shown that all major atrocities occurred when there was not enough media exposure, when perilous signals were ignored because they were "incomplete" or "unsubstantiated" or from "prejudiced sources" - when evildoers' deceits prevail, when the silence allows the evildoers to carry on unnoticed and unhindered. (21)

He who ignores the past is doomed to repeat it. Many are unaware of or forget what happened in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

We know that the Communist Chinese government is responsible for the deaths of more people than both Hitler or Stalin combined: an estimated 47-75 million people, and has an abominable record of abuse of human rights. (22)

Given the Communists’ propensity to murder, deny and deceive, why should there be any doubt about the veracity of what the witnesses have revealed so far?

Peter Worthington in his column in the Toronto Star said: "China's use of prisoners as guinea pigs, or as a supply to meet world demand, makes Nazi medical experimentation seem almost benign by comparison." (23)

The world cannot remain passively waiting for proof while further atrocities are committed.

The Canadian government must ask that an international investigation take place immediately.

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"In the months after the massacre Amnesty International and other human rights groups estimate that ten thousand had died and perhaps twice that figure had been injured in the massacre in Beijing. The figures for the rest of China was put at twenty thousand killed and around forty thousand injured, " according to Gordon Thomas’ book Seeds of Fire (page 453).

He adds that: "In January 2001, Amnesty International confirmed that some 700 students who had been executed for their part in the Tiananmen Square demonstrations had their vital organs - kidneys, hearts, lungs, and eyes - sold to wealthy Chinese in need of transplant surgery." (Page 477).

“ If 200,000 students have to be shot” - is from Margolis, Eric War at the Top of the World (1991), Key Porter Books Ltd., Toronto: p.229

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bobby fletcher said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It is my wish that the Chinese people will someday soon be treated like human beings by their own rulers. The CCP has been on a killing spree that has gone unchecked for 55 years. It's time for all persecution to stop and for the killers to pay for their crimes.

My news are different from yours--

The US Congress announced only on March 31 that they would look into requesting an inspection...I think your Aussie reference (dated April lst) is ahead of himself a bit or/and speculating a lot about the negative results of an inspection.

As for the Hong Kong investigation, it is an organization that is sponsored by the CCP. So they are in denial.

So far WOIPFG,an independant NGO founded by an American lawyer, has interesting (investigation)results published on their website and on this blog.

Again, there are strong denials from all China agencies at present including all overseas Consulates and Foreign Affairs Dept.

The UN envoy, Nowak, indicated that the UN will launch an investigation--sooner than later I hope to stop this genocide in its tracks. But this could take months. The Chinese people need to be liberated from the grip of the CCP and Beijing and we need to assist while we can.

I personally believe the eye witnesses who contacted the Epoch Times to reveal the extent of their knowledge of the situation. The Epoch is a dissident newspaper that is not afraid of printing such eye witness accounts as opposed to other papers who wait forever to do so.

The huge underground city makes their testimonies quite credible.

I hope the Chinese people will be spared and that the CCP will be brought to justice for their horrible crimes against humanity.

Robert Elart Waters said...

Sunday service has been at my blog, too. He seems to be running all over the internet defending a regime that has murdered seventy seven million of its own people on the ground that there is no evidence that they might be murdering more of them at Sunjiatun. He seems unimpressed by the fact that a diplomat who gave the report any credence would be promptly expelled from the country, and that the diplomatic consequences of seeming to do so would be something any government would want to avoid without absolute proof.

And absolute proof is hard to come by in a police state.

BTW, Sunday service is not a Christian. He is apparently an American who visited a congregation of the State-controlled Three Self Movement (the psuedo-Protestant mock church, which the government controls down to the sermons preached there). He claims that there is religious freedom in China, and at the same time defends the laws against religous instruction of people under 16 and the imprisonment and commitment to "re-education camps" of ministers and church leaders who refuse to take their orders from Beijing.

My experience with him is that the more he posts, the more he discredits himself. I personally banned him because he won't read rebuttals, won't engage in good-faith dialog, and was turning my blog into a means of propaganda for literally the most murderous regime in recorded history.

Oh. And he has so little sense of history that he actually believes that the genocide of the American Indians- horrific as it was- somehow makes American worse than a regime that has murdered seventy seven million of its own people as a matter of state policy. That is nearly as incredible as his refusal to see that such a track record itself automatically puts
any regime under suspicion when allegations such as the ones about Sujiatun arise.

Oh, BTW... the latest information from Chinese dissidents (some of whom, remember, claim to be eye witnesses- though from Sunday's point of view eye witness testimony isn't evidence)is that the prisoners at Sujiatun are being sent to other, smaller camps throughout China. Look for the camp to be opened for public inspection just as soon as the relocation is completed.