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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kick out Chinese diplomat: Activists

Toronto Sun: Canada should turf a Chinese diplomat for rallying students against human rights activists protesting Hu Jintao's visit last month, some of the activists said Wednesday.

The group says an official with China's embassy was trying to interfere with Canadians who wanted to demonstrate against the Chinese president.

Hu was in Ottawa prior to the G20 summit. Falun Gong practitioners, whose faith is banned in China, and pro-democracy protesters gathered at his hotel and on Parliament Hill. Pro-Communist demonstrators outnumbered them.

The Epoch Times, a pro-Falun Gong paper, reported they had a recording and an e-mail showing the official told Chinese students studying in Canada they had to go to support Hu.

“They want to give people here the (impression) that everybody's a part of communist China,” said Grace Wollensak, a Falun Gong practitioner.

David Kilgour, a former MP and secretary of state for Asia-Pacific, called the official a thug.

“They have no concept of where the boundaries are and in a case like this, unless we do something, the Chinese embassy will continue to abuse its position here as much as it possibly can,” he said.

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