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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Being A Man or A Chinese in Fear?

Epoch Times: Sheng Xue - The Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s (CSIS) Director Fadden’s sincere “infiltration theory” clearly refers to the threat of infiltration from the Chinese government which stirs up the Chinese community in Canada. It can be described as an angry tide of denunciation, not because of hatred of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) infiltration in Canada and its threat and control of the Canadian Chinese but because of hatred of Fadden’s warnings and appeals. They cursed Fadden for his practice of protection. This is very confusing.

Chinese people refuse to live a normal life

At the hearing held in Parliament by the Canada Public Safety Committee, Fadden emphasized that the infiltration of foreign forces in Canada that he was referring to was a threat to Canadian society and that the Chinese community were also victims. He said this to protect Canadians from foreign influence. Fadden meant nothing more than that Chinese people living in Canada are Canadians too and that the government has the responsibility to protect them from the threat and harm of infiltration. Fadden’s hearty words did not excite, move or even touch the Chinese people who live in Canada but cannot escape from the fear because of suffering from the CCP’s constant infiltration. Instead, the Chinese Community continued to demand that Fadden apologize, resign and admit his mistake and they swore not to stop.

Fadden regards the Chinese people living in Canada as Canadians and the Chinese community as part of a healthy Canadian society. He wants to help the Chinese to live a normal, safe and free life with dignity and protection from coercion of foreign forces. However, so many Chinese flocked to the stage and publicly announced they live in fear. Such basic logic and ethics are indeed unique and seriously hinder the development of human society.

Social catastrophe caused by the CCP never ceased

Tens of millions of people died in the CCP’s tyranny, this is an unchangeable fact. There are different opinions about the exact number of deaths, some say at least 40 million, others say up to 80 million. The statistical data refers to the period between 1949 when the CCP came into power and 1979 when the CCP started its structural adjustment. At that time, the CCP launched a series of political campaigns which often led to brutal life and death struggles and extreme hatred amongst people resulting in miserable living conditions and many deaths. The tragedy is that these tactics have been implemented by the CCP for the past thirty years and are still very effective today. Let’s take a look at the brutal crackdown in the early eighties, the repression of the student movement in the mid and late1980s, especially the 1989 Tiananmen massacre of students. Not only were thousands of people publicly shot, but the only existing bottom line of morality distinguishing good from evil and right from wrong collapsed completely. Social disintegration occurring in the early 1990s formed the new class antagonism which is classified only by power and money. In the late 1990s, the suppression of Falun Gong practitioners formed a social environment that made everyone become either a victim or a perpetrator. Into the 21st century, human brutality was occurring throughout China. In this society, without democracy and law, without morality and justice, traps appear in every aspect of human life including eating, living and traveling. In a society without freedom and human rights, without integrity and dignity, people threaten and harm each other. Across the country, violence, robbery, plundering, raping and killing happened everywhere. Government officials and bandits worked together while police and criminals co-operated with each other. The CCP’s ruling became mafiaized.

Escape from tyranny but look back to embrace tyranny

From the time the CCP took over power until the late 1980s, people risked their lives to escape from the persecution of the CCP and immigrate to other countries. Especially during the Cultural Revolution, numerous people were shot along borders and drowned in the river leading to Hong Kong. After the CCP carried out the so-called policy of reform, the clamp down on people going abroad became less intense. Millions of people rushed out of the country and settled down in foreign lands to start a new life. Aside from those who are able to go abroad by legitimate means, numerous illegal immigrants swarmed to countries that were willing to provide shelter to Chinese people. How many of them died on the way? How many are still enduring the hardships along the way? How many are hoping but never have the chance to step out of that door?

Chinese people should think about the reasons why so many people strived, by any and all means, using up all their savings and running the risk of death, to get out of China. A thousand reasons boil down to a few, seeking a life more peaceful, more prosperous, with more freedom, equal opportunity, dignity, social security and peace of mind. Why do so many people who chose to leave tyranny behind now turn back to embrace it? Perhaps, it is because the tyranny is still so close to those people. When they cannot escape from it, it could be safer to become one body.

The CCP seeks for united front while Chinese people pay for the bills

People who had lived in Mainland China experienced it in person and many understood that the power source of the CCP came from violence and lies. It needs a support system that is enormous, ubiquitous, and deeply rooted in all aspects of social life to maintain its effective operation.

The CCP’s espionage system, whose basic concepts and characteristics are pyramid- and spider-like has a high degree of radiology and diffusion and is widespread and deeply rooted. The CCP’s national security, public security, military and intelligence systems, armed police, courts, the Procuratorate and so on, are the direct violent outlets of the CCP’s power. All the violent means carried out in the society are officially authorized. Therefore, all the tactics it has used on its people such as surveillance, control, coercion, compelling, roping in, buying over and taking advantage of are “justified”. Consequently, there is almost no room for people to resist. The CCP’s government administrative departments, state-owned news agencies, state-owned enterprises, etc. are simply the extension of this authority becauseChina is a one-Party dictatorship without an independent legal system and without social balances.

The CCP’s espionage united front mission outside China is required to maintain tyranny. Any potential force that might directly or indirectly threaten its dictatorship or influence its core interests are hostile forces. And the division and disintegration of those forces is a major task of the CPP so that they could be made direct or indirect tools of the CPP. Its objectives include government officials of democratic countries, elected representatives, businessmen, academic staff, social celebrities, democratic organizations, overseas Chinese people, students, immigrants, refugees and even some of the opposition camp targets. They resort to all possible means such as surveillance, control, threats, inducement, introducing businesses, providing convenience, presenting honorable awards, utilizing long-term and large-scale national resources for important people, even using man-power to create a social atmosphere that pressures people who do not yield easily, or besieging, ignoring or threatening directly those who do not cooperate with them at all.

Canada is the main objective of the CCP united front

Under these circumstances, few people are able to maintain their integrity. It is because people are generally indebted to both the emotions of returning love for love and the human weakness of greed and vanity. For the sake of a united front, the CCP spares no effort in making use of the state machine and its resources, without the restriction of budget inspections or checks. Therefore, they could meet the needs of others to the greatest extent. Without a doubt, Canada is the major objective of the CCP united front. Canada is an important democratic country, based on the fundamental concept of upholding democracy, freedom, human rights and a legal system. It has a certain influence and prestige in the international community. As a member of many international organizations, it plays a significant role in a number of major international events. In addition, Canada is rich in resources and has advanced technology. It is adjacent to the United States with which it has a long-term special relationship of interdependence. Meanwhile, there is a high proportion of Canadian Chinese in Canada. It has become a long-term key strategy for the CCP to control the Canadian Chinese and further influence Canadian politics.

Chinese are the victims of the Communist infiltration

In the systematic development of a united front, local Chinese are the first to be affected. Those who are close to CCP power would voluntarily become its tool. By the establishment of a wide range of student clubs, townsman associations, community organizations, professional associations and service organizations, they first gather people together and then control them through local consulates and embassies. For instance, consulates will set aside money for the operation of these organizations, will arrange meetings with key coordinators of these organizations, will attend their gatherings to show support or introduce some business opportunities to them, or select some outstanding ones to go to China for conferences or even attend the National Day ceremony, or in the name of the Chinese government will grant an award, honor or privilege, etc. The Chinese Community would, of course, go after it like a flock of ducks.

On the contrary, those who do not want to be the CCP’s power tools become the tragic victims. They are watched over in the Chinese community, what they say and do is reported and their opposing views are regarded as hostile. They are marginalized, isolated, discriminated against, pressured and threatened. They are forced to give up and go with the flow, coerced and swept away involuntarily. When those Chinese are seen to become tools of the CCP, people in the society of the hosting country are puzzled and disgusted because a just society cannot understand the practice of those who are against basic human rights and ethnics.

Politicians in the democratic countries are easily bought by the CCP

The politicians in democratic countries are the real public servants. They serve the people and answer to the people and therefore, are often not given enough respect and support. Within the community, many political figures are often in a state of being criticized by voters. When these politicians are invited to visit China, they enjoy unprecedented honor and privilege arranged by the CCP. They are treated to incomparable comfort and satisfaction. Many Canadian politicians have said after their visit to China that they were treated as if they were emperors. After such treatment would these politicians become more emotionally close to the CCP and speak up for the CCP? Absolutely.

The CCP has developed a global strategy and foreign propaganda in light of the current international situation and it is just at its beginning stage. Regarding the controversy of the Confucius Institute, some people pointing to its cultural communication and language learning features, strongly refute that the Confucius Institute is part of the CCP strategy of a united front. In reality, think about it. Is the CCP a protector and advocator of Chinese culture and civilization? Does the CCP love the Confucius culture represented by Confucius? Will the Chinese universities be able to set up Confucius Institute together with overseas institutions without government approval and cooperation? Would the Confucius Institute be able to introduce faithfully the development of Chinese society? Would the Confucius Institute be able to avoid events such as the suppression of students at Tiananmen Square and the persecution of Falun Gong? Fortunately, we will soon see more evidence and draw our own conclusions. The pity is, democratic society will have to pay a heavy price for this.

A university professor of the China Institute in Canada, an expert in Canada-China issues, said CSIS Director Fadden’s comments are a structural problem which occurred because some Canadian political figures view China as a hypothetical enemy. This problem will not be solved with the resignation of Fadden.

As a matter of fact, the CCP is not a hypothetical enemy. Instead, it is a real threat to the democratic system and a healthy society. Every Chinese should ask him/herself whether the CCP has done any infiltration in Canada and whether the Chinese people are the victims of such an infiltration. Would the Chinese people like to be normal human beings or would they like to continue to be controlled by fear? Read the Chinese version here

Sheng Xue Edmonton’s Writer in Exile. Read more on boxun and twitter Sheng here

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why only fear could make Chinese feel nationalistic. Isn't it a huge simplification ?

Don't forget that most Chinese who dislike the government in Beijing still have deep patriotic feelings towards their country of origin.

Given the honor culture of the Chinese, they are not quick to admit 'dishonorable actions' by their motherland, especially towards non-Chinese.