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Monday, August 16, 2010

Falun Gong sues Huang HuaHua in Taiwan court

M&C: Taipei - Buddhist meditation group Falun Gong filed a criminal complaint with a Taiwan court Monday against a visiting Chinese official, accusing him of persecuting the sect.

It accused Guangdong provincal Governor Huang Huahua of genocide and violation of two United Nations treaties on civil rights.

'We ask prosecutors to investigate the case and arrest Huang while he is in Taiwan for the crimes he endorsed against Falun Gong members in China,' spokesman Chang Ching-hsi said.

'To force Falun Gong members to give up their belief, Guangdong police tortured them, putting hot water or human excrement into their mouths, electrocuting them or raping some female Falun Gong members,' Chand said. Read more...

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