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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chinese rulers use nature as unifying enemy

Beijing has discovered that floods and earthquakes can be used to provide excellent propaganda

Financial Times: In ancient China, natural disasters were bad news for the emperor. Floods, earthquakes and droughts were seen as evidence the universe had rescinded its divine seal of approval and was looking for another candidate to ascend the dragon throne.

This belief in the mandate of heaven lasted well into the 20th century and even the Communist party stage-managed and covered up natural disasters in the wake of its 1949 victory. As recently as 1998, when China experienced its worst flooding in almost half a century, information was released sporadically and blackouts imposed. Full story...

Eco Accountant blogger wrote: Yet, as headlines depicting the landslides and floods of August push the drought and crop failures of April and May off the front page, the heroic depictions of Red Army soldiers rushing to the rescue, and the celebration of the Communist Party's prompt, bold response to catastrophe mask the more important issue. Read more...

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