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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

How to deal with China

China’s clout over North Korea

Korea Times: Some observers fear that the Cheonan incident has resulted in a Cold War-like state in East Asia with China camping with Russia and North Korea on the one side, and the U.S. siding with South Korea and Japan on the other.

Guy Sorman believes China uses North Korea for its international strategy. In fact, he argues China “manipulates” North Korea.

China would say, ‘Oh, North Korea doesn’t listen to us.’ This is a game China plays often. The fact is that North Korea is a puppet of China. China and North Korea play exactly the same game. North Korea is fully manipulated by China. It’s clear from the beginning (of the Cheonan incident) when China refused to condemn North Korea.

“The key to the North Korean problem is Beijing. I have argued this point as early as 20 years ago. But people were skeptical,” Sorman said, adding the Cheonan incident proved his point.

From this view, South Korea’s diplomatic efforts with North Korea should focus on China because
“Talking to North Korea will go nowhere. Because everything will be decided in Beijing. This is part of the global strategy by the Beijing government,” Sorman argued.

A Chinese diplomat reportedly said: “If there were no U.S. (as the protector for South Korea), China would have already ‘laid a hand’ on South Korea.”
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