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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

China’s Gruesome Organ Harvest

Flashback: The cover story of The Weekly Standard’s Nov. 24 issue, “China’s Gruesome Organ Harvest ” by Ethan Gutmann, asks why the world’s media, human rights organizations, and governments are not investigating the atrocity of organ harvesting from living detainees in China.

This article also breaks the news that Chinese Christians are, in addition to Falun Gong practitioners, being targeted for organ harvesting.

This is the third article by Gutmann in The Weekly Standard discussing human rights and organ harvesting in China (see also, “Why Wang Wenyi Was Shouting,” May 8, 2006; and “Carrying a Torch for China,” April 21, 2008).

China’s Gruesome Organ Harvest begins:

The jeepney driver sizes us up the minute we climb in. My research assistant is a healthy, young Israeli dude, so I must be the one with the money.


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